arlo-setupWe are living in a society where crimes are taking place every second day. Thus, it is necessary to have a security camera installed in the household and offices. Having a security camera assures you of complete security by monitoring the place from all the angles. Arlo Home security solutions have a distinguished name in the market, which is way ahead of its competitors. It is not only popular due to its futuristic features but also for providing dedicated 24/7 Arlo Customer Service. Although Arlo has manufactured best in class products but there might be some circumstances when you may require expert’s help. Here, we have covered all the possible issues including a common FAQ that may frustrate you if you are using an Arlo camera. Additionally, we have given simple yet effective methods to overcome those issues with ease.

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  1. FAQ and their answers
  1.  Arlo Cameras Common Issues and their troubleshooting

How to connect Arlo security system to the home wifi network? Connecting Arlo home security camera with internet can sometimes be tedious as you have to check every aspect to make sure that everything is working properly. Check if your wifi router is working in a proper manner or not. Check its LED. Make sure its setting is not customized to allow specific IP only. To check this, open a web browser and enter your router’s IP in the address bar. You will land on router’s home page, log in to it and choose the setting option to change its access settings.

What is the procedure to download and configure Arlo App? Arlo app is available on both Google Play for Android devices and the Apple store for IOS. Search the app on the preferred store and download it on your smartphone. Once you get it, launch it and tap on ‘New to Arlo’. Now, fill all the required details including username and a strong password. Once it is verified, login to it. You can now select a mode to tell your camera whether to record videos or not. To select a mode, click on Arlo icon then ‘Mode’. A list of camera displays, tap the camera and select a preferred mode. With Arlo app, you will have plenty of features that you can manage which includes alerts, setup geofencing, change motion sensitivity grant access to friends and a lot more.

Best way to transfer Arlo Camera videos to computer? Videos captured from Arlo cameras gets automatically stored on the cloud storage and they can be accessed via Netgear Arlo app. However, if you want to save Arlo videos in your computer then simply tap on the ‘library’ tab in Arlo app and choose the date to view the recordings. Now, play the video and choose ‘Download’ option to save the videos. Alternatively, you can tap ‘ellipse’ displayed next to the video. You may ask to allow the app to download your videos. Once you get it, transfer it to the computer using a USB cable or via Bluetooth.

What is cloud? A cloud is simply a third-party server where all your data and information can be stored and accessed through the internet. With Arlo cameras, all the recordings get saved in Arlo cloud servers.

More about Arlo cloud service? Arlo offers the subscription-based package to manage the storage of videos recorded through Arlo cameras. Based on how many cameras you have, you can choose your Arlo cloud service plan. Within the plan, your Arlo camera records video to the cloud every time it detects any motion or activity. You can choose a subscription plan as per your choice and based on the plan your recording will be retained in the cloud. You can retrieve the recording any time as per your need. To know further about its cloud service plan, get Netgear Support and let the experts help you with choosing the best subscription plan.

What to do if I lost my account login details? Recovering your account details is simple. Open Arlo app and click on ‘Forgot Password’ option. Now, enter your email address and a password reset link will be sent to your email account. Access the link and create a new password. You can now use a new password to access the account.


Arlo Cameras Common Issues and their troubleshooting

When Motion detection not working on Arlo? Arlo camera motion detection not working issue can occur due to a number of reasons. It can be due to improper camera positioning, motion sensitivity settings, etc. Do the followings to get rid of this issue.

  1. Ensure your camera position
  2. Make sure that the motion detection feature is enabled
  3. Check motion sensitivity setting from Arlo app and set it to medium.
  4. Check your registered email address to ensure if the videos are being delivered to the right email address.

Steps you must follow when you are unable to setup Arlo Camera In case, if you are unable to set up your Arlo camera then followings can be the possible reasons.

  1. Due to the wrong configuration
  2. If your Arlo base station is offline
  3. Unsuccessful synchronization of Arlo camera to the base station
  4. Due to wrong battery alignment

There are several other reasons that can cause this issue. If you are unable to find the exact solution then connect with Arlo support and get your work done with the help of experts. The team is 24/7 available to help you with everything related to Arlo system.

Steps to troubleshoot ‘unable to sync Arlo Camera’ Issue If your Arlo camera occasionally fails to synchronize to the base station whilst setting up, then do the followings:-

  1. Keep your camera as close as possible to the base station.
  2. Now, press the sync button and wait for the LED status to blink green.
  3. Then check battery status and make sure that its icon is not orange as it is a sign of low battery. To do this, launch the Arlo app and go to device settings, your battery status will be shown there.
  4. Check base station status through Arlo app. If you do not see it on your system then your camera will not sync to it. To do this, visit setting option >My device. Now, select your base station to activate it.

How to troubleshoot Amazon Echo show not connecting with Arlo Camera? Sometimes your Amazon device may start to malfunction and you may fall into thinking that Why Arlo not working with Echo Show. Well, this may happen due to some technical issues, which needs to be diagnosed in order to get it fixed. Followings are the steps to troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Launch Alexa app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on Smart Home> Devices
  3. Now sync your Arlo cameras and make sure that the device name matches with the option showing on your screen.

Troubleshooting Issues in Arlo Camera Firmware Update

If your camera firmware update gets failed then Netgear Arlo support can do the job for you. However, believing in the DIY process can also be a good way. Therefore, follow the given steps and fix this issue within a short span of time. Consider the following if both cameras on the base station are showing offline:-

  1. Reboot the base station by pressing the power button twice.
  2. Open and close the battery compartment of the camera to power cycle it.
  3. Resync each camera separately.

By doing this, your firmware update will be processed easily. If it still gets stuck, then try swapping batteries from a working camera.

Further issues and their troubleshooting steps will be covered shortly…..

Arlo camera battery Issue

Is your Arlo camera battery dead? Has it gone below 15%? Well, it is a sign that your Arlo battery is dead and you need to insert a new battery inside. However, you can also put in on charge and if it is not charging then the following steps can help you.

  1. Pull your batteries outside and re-insert them.
  2. Now, check the battery status through Arlo app.
  3. If the lightning bolt battery icon is visible, it is a sign that your camera’s battery is in charge.

Repeat this step again and if the issue still persists then only experts can help you.

When you are unable to login to Arlo account
Have you placed your Arlo camera but are unable to login to your account? Until you log in to it, you will not be able to set up your Arlo camera. Find the possible reasons behind this issue below and know how you can get rid of it.

  1. Due to the wrong email address and password
  2. Poor internet connectivity
  3. Configuration not done properly
  4. Improper battery installation
  5. Poor or fluctuating power supply
  6. Non-compatibility of equipment
  7. Due to browser incompatibility with Arlo website
  8. Your browser session is corrupt.

Do check this aforementioned list and make sure you are not making any such mistake. However, if the issue still persists, then Arlo support can be the only option.

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