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Netgear’s newly released Arlo doorbell is creating a buzz in the market now. Yes, the device will simply blow your mind as it is fully customizable and serves as a smart audio doorbell solution. Talking about its features, it features a speaker, a microphone, a rechargeable battery, and the best part is that it can be integrated with an Arlo security camera and serves as an Arlo doorbell camera. Now one can access a complete view of the entryway using an Arlo app. For further information, read out the below-given guide and have detailed information about how it works and what are its specifications?

Note: – It doesn’t have any in-built camera but it can be integrated with the existing Arlo camera.

What are the specifications of Arlo Audio Doorbell?

Take a look at some of its specifications and know what makes it completely different from any ordinary doorbell.

  • Mobile notifications: – Install an Arlo app on your Smartphone and receive notifications whenever someone presses your Arlo doorbell.
  • Visitor Messages:- With the help of a microphone, one can leave a message whenever the owner is unable to answer the door.
  • Quick response replies: – With the help of the Arlo app, you can send an instant response from the list of pre-recorded texts.
  • Weather resistant: – Completely weather resistant and can be placed anywhere without worrying about dust, water, and sun rays.
  • Compatibility with Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2:- Integrate an Arlo camera and get access to view a complete view of the entryway.
  • Easy DIY Setup: – No hassle of wire as it can be easily set up.

These are some of its advanced features which make it stand out the crowd. People were eagerly waiting for releasing Arlo doorbell, go to Arlo Netgear Login to know more…

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How does Arlo Doorbell Work?

Arlo doorbell audio is easy to install. It can be installed using an Arlo chime. Once it gets installed, it can be operated using a free Arlo app. With the help of it, you can directly answer the calls whenever the doorbell is pressed even if you are away from your house. With a simple tap, you can open the door and can see who is at your door. All you need is to integrate your camera and configure the Arlo app. Furthermore, you can communicate through a microphone and speaker placed inside the doorbell.

Get Further Assistance from Arlo Support Team

Arlo team is always ready to help their potential customers. Whenever they release their new product, they answer all the queries related to it. So, if you too have any sort of queries related to Arlo audio doorbell, connect with their service team and have detailed information about it. Whether you want to know Arlo doorbell release date or its specifications, they will answer all your questions and help you in the most efficient way. For further information, contact the team and resolve your queries in a minute only.

Summary: – The article consists of information about the Netgear’s newly release Arlo audio doorbell. Moreover, a detailed guide including its features and how it works has been added to it.

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