How To Fix Arlo Base Station Offline Issues-Arlo Base Station Troubleshooting

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How to Fix Arlo Base Station Offline Issues – Arlo Base Station Troubleshooting

Is your Arlo base station offline? Have you tried all the possible methods but are still unable to resolve it? If yes, then you have landed on the right platform. Here, we have covered all the possible reasons that cause this issue. Further, quick fixes have been given to resolve the issue and make your Arlo system function properly. Let’s get started.

Arlo is popularly known for providing the best security cameras packed with multiple smart features. Be it a home, an office or any big space area, Arlo cameras are able to monitor all these premises and record footage in 720p quality. Arlo devices are backed with a  highly rated Arlo app, through which the users can monitor their cameras from anywhere, anytime. There are a number of reasons why Arlo cameras are rated the best amongst all its competitors. Below mentioned are some of its best features which make it the best security solution for all its users.

Advantages of Arlo Security Camera

  • Wireless
  • Automatic night vision
  • Free cloud storage (up to 1GB) for up to 7 days
  • Mobile monitoring with Arlo app (iOS, Android)
  • Easy DIY installation and setup
  • Waterproof IR65 rating for outdoor use

What is the role of an Arlo Base Station?

In order to get the most out of your Arlo camera, you need to have a base station. Arlo base station is used to connect your Arlo and Arlo Pro wire-free cameras to the home wifi network. It also helps in getting long-range connectivity along with strong battery life. However, there are sometimes a user may face Arlo base station offline issue. This will render a user from recording the footage as the  Arlo camera will not be working properly. The first step is to bring Arlo base station into online mode.

Possible Reasons behind Arlo Base Station Offline Issue

Before knowing the troubleshooting steps, one needs to understand the root cause behind the occurrence of this issue. Followings can be some of the major reasons behind this issue.

Due to sluggish internet connection: – Due to the weak internet connection, your base station might not be able to connect. Hence, try contacting your ISP.

Due to wrong configuration of Arlo Base station:- Arlo base station needs to be configured in a proper way and if you miss any point then chances are high that you will have to face Arlo base offline issue.

Due to router’s firmware issue: – Check if the firmware of your router has been updated or not. If it is not, then update it and connect with your Arlo camera again.

Fix Arlo Base Station Offline Issue

Check your Ethernet Cable: – Make sure that your Ethernet cable is perfectly connected to both base station and router or not? If it is not, then connect it properly.

Put On/ Off Your Base Station: – Plug out the power adapter from the outlet and reconnect it. Wait a few minutes and let it connect to the base station. If the power LED blinks to light solid green, it means that the base station is connected to the internet.

Check your Power Adapter: – You must check if the power adapter is securely connected or not.

Check ports 443 and 80:- Make sure that both 443 and 80 port are open on your router.

Power Cycle your base station:- To perform this process, unplug the power adapter and reconnect it. Now, wait a few minutes and check the color of the internet and power LED. If they both light solid green, it means that your base station is connected. In case, if they light amber then continue troubleshooting.

Reset Arlo Base Station:- If you have tried all these above-mentioned steps but still unable to find any solution then reset Arlo base station and put it to its default value. Now, reconfigure it.

Try all these steps and troubleshoot base station issue to get maximum benefits from your Arlo system. For further information, get in touch with the service team of Arlo.




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